Policy Statements
Quality Policy

The company is committed to complying with the requirements set out in BS EN ISO9001 : 2008 and to continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.

It is the company’s aim to satisfy our customers by…

  • providing our customers with products which meet their needs and requirements and
  • periodically assessing the performance of the quality management system and making amendments where necessary to generate continual improvements in the effectiveness of the system.
Environmental Policy Statement

In accordance with its commitments detailed within the Quality Policy, the company is also committed to complying with all relevant environmental regulations. In doing so the company intends to minimise or where reasonably practical eliminate the impact of its operations on the environment.

In view of the nature of its business the company, through its employees and subcontractors shall pay particular attention to the following points which may arise from its operations.

  • Efficient use of resources inc. water, electricity and other fuels.
  • Control of processes enabling optimal use of materials and resources.
  • Avoiding Environmental Contamination from the use of chemicals or other materials.
  • Reduction of and responsible disposal of waste materials.

In addition, the company shall endeavour to select only those products from reputable or environmentally certified suppliers which are fit for their intended purpose.

Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy of Ronacrete (Far East) Limited (The Company) that, at all times, the health and safety of its employees and customers shall be of prime importance.

It is the Company’s commitment to…

  • Ensure that safe working conditions are provided for all staff
  • Encourage safety awareness among its employees

Thus it is the Company’s objective to continuously develop and implement a documented safety management system to serve the Company’s commitment to safety and to comply with the relevant laws of the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance.

The English version of this Policy Statement shall prevail over any Chinese version which is provided for information purposes only.