Ronacrete Lunar New Year Holidays
We wish to advise all our valued customers that our Kwu Tung Factory will be closed for the Lunar New Year Holidays from 18th February, 2015 to 25th February, 2015 inclusive. We will reopen the factory on Thursday, 26th February, 2015.

Our Wanchai office will be closed from 19th February, 2015 to 24th February, 2015 inclusive. We will reopen on Wednesday, 25th February, 2015.

We trust any inconvenience will be minimal during this time. Thank you for your kind attention and we wish you a very happy and prosperous Year of the Goat.
Ronacrete as Headline Sponsor for the HKCRWA 2014 Annual Dinner & Awards Ceremony
Ronacrete continued its support for the Hong Kong Concrete Repair and Waterproofing Association Limited as Diamond Sponsor for the 2014 Awards for Excellence in Concrete Repair and Waterproofing. The event held in the Grand Ballroom II-III, Level 6 of the Royal Plaza Hotel, Mong Kok was well supported with around 120 guests enjoying drinks, dinner and an engaging talk on MBIS and MWIS by Ir Dr Chan Wai Tai, Senior Structural Engineer, Buildings Department and the honourable guest Sr Au Choi Kai, S.B.S., the Former Director of Buildings, Buildings Department.

Our Mr Peter Gregory was privileged to present the Ronacrete 2014 Award for Best Presentation in Concrete Repair and Waterproofing to Marvel Harvest Limited, and the Ronacrete 2014 Award for Best in Structural Concrete Repair and Waterproofing went to Nga Luen Construction and Eng. Co. Ltd.

Sr Au Choi Kai, S.B.S. then presented the prize for the Ronacrete 2014 Award for Best in Waterproofing and Technical Innovation to Fullion Waterproofing & Maintenance Co. Ltd. and the top prize for the Ronacrete 2014 Award for Best in Concrete Repair and Waterproofing to Milestone Builder Engineering Ltd.

Our congratulations to all the winners.
Ronacrete has completed the first stage of its efforts to become Carbon Neutral in its operations
Ronacrete has completed the first stage of its efforts to become Carbon Neutral in its operations

Ronacrete have taken delivery of our first 3rd party carbon audit report offering a detailed analysis of GHG emissions resulting from our operations in Hong Kong. The report is based on data compiled over several months. It gives GHG emissions resulting from scope 1, 2 and 3 sources as described in the Hong Kong Carbon Accounting Guideline including:

- Fuel Combustion: Vehicles and Generators
- Purchased energy in the form of electricity
- Fugitive emissions from AC’s and refrigerators
- Business Air Travel
- Energy used in water processing
- Use of purchased paper and recycling

The quantity of the following GHG’s was determined:

- Carbon dioxide (CO2)
- Methane (CH4)
- Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
- Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)

… and the total calculated result was expressed in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e):

Corporate Carbon Footprint Result:
Financial Year 2012/2013
Total GHG Emissions by total floor area 0.011 tCO2e / ft2

Financial Year 2013/2014
Total GHG Emissions by total floor area 0.012 tCO2e / ft2

These figures and the detailed report from which they come form the benchmark from which Ronacrete will further manage and improve our GHG emissions. We have already started similar analysis on our factory and laboratory facilities so that by the end of the 2014/2015 financial year we will have a more complete picture of Ronacrete’s GHG emissions in Asia.
Ronacrete Announcement – Congratulations on New Position
Ronacrete is pleased to announce that after 20 highly successful years leading Ronacrete in Asia Mr Brian Clements has as of 1st October, 2014 assumed the position of Chairman of Ronacrete (Far East) Limited and has thus stepped aside from the routine management of the company.

Brian has overseen the significant growth in the company including the expansion of sales in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia and the development of a production and laboratory facilities in Panyu, Guangdong.

Though still based in Hong Kong Brian will now focus on further developing Ronacrete's business elsewhere in Asia and also on supporting specification sales in Hong Kong.

As a result Ronacrete is also pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Gregory to the position of Managing Director - Ronacrete (Far East) Limited with effect from 1st October 2014. Peter has been with Ronacrete for more than 16 years and has been instrumental in developing Ronacrete's reputation for quality, performance and customer support. Moving from the position of Commercial Director Peter is now responsible to the Board of Directors and Shareholders for all daily activities and now leads Ronacrete’ s efforts in Asia.

I am certain that you will be happy to join me in congratulating Brian and Peter on their new appointments. We are all looking forward to supporting them in their endeavours to reach new goals and achieve new heights for Ronacrete.

Daniel Osen, Chief Executive Director, Ronacrete Limited
Ronacrete Careers
Product Development Engineer/Chemist
Ronacrete (Far East) Limited has an opening for a Product Development Engineer / Chemist. The brief will be to develop new products through material innovation and hands-on common sense. The position is based primarily at our factory / offices in Southern China, about 1½ hours from Hong Kong.

Accommodation is provided whilst working in China plus transport to and from the factory.

The successful candidate is expected to have some or all of the following attributes …..
• Familiarity with OPC, HAC, CSC, RPP, polymer dispersions and other concrete additives.
• An understanding of materials and their properties.
• A practical understanding of specialist construction products, their use and applications.
• An analytical mind, inquisitive in nature and self motivated to achieve practical results.
• Good communication skills, preferably English & Chinese (mandarin is an advantage)

Salary and benefits are negotiable depending on relevant experience and qualifications.

Please send your application to
Ronacrete (Guangzhou) Construction Products Ltd - Opening of 3rd Powder Plant
Ronacrete Guangzhou Construction Products [RGCP] was founded in Nansha, China in 2000 as a wholly owned British enterprise and a subsidiary of Hong Kong based, Ronacrete Far East Ltd [RFE] suppliers of specialist construction products.

A significant proportion of RGCP’s production is of tile adhesives, waterproofing products and concrete repair mortars, products which have been formulated to meet local and EN standards and for export into the Hong Kong construction market.

Over the past ten years since RGCP’s manufacturing commenced in Nansha, China demand has steadily increased and today is much greater than double the original output of 10 years ago!

With strong confidence in the future increasing demand for Ronacrete’s high performance, quality products, RGCP are pleased to announce the installation of a third dry powder blending production line which will further double production output!

This newly designed automated plant was commissioned and officially opened for production on June 13th by dignatories from Wan Qing Sha Council, Secretary Jiang, Mayor Tong, Assistant Mayor Chan accompanied by Peter Gregory - Commercial Director of RFE.

At the grand opening ceremony we were also joined by several special guests including representatives from our major raw material suppliers, shipping companies and our major distributors from Macau and Philippines. The production plant was formerly switched on by Kenneth Ng - General Manager and May Liao - Operations Manager of RGCP.
Ronacrete achieve HKCI Product Certification for selected Repair Mortars and Tile Adhesives
The Hong Kong Concrete Institutes Product Conformity Certification Scheme (PCCS) for repair mortars (-RM) and tile adhesives (-TA) include exacting requirements for quality certification, product performance, production control, in-house QC and independent testing. The resulting certification provides ongoing assurance that each and every bag of product supplied under the scheme will comply with the performance data given in the scheme.
Ronacrete certified products are as follows...
Unicell 40 High build repair mortar – complies with PCCS-RM: Class 40
Unicell 25 High build repair mortar – complies with PCCS-RM: Class 25
Unicell WF General purpose mortar / render – complies with PCCS-RM: Class S
Monoset HPC Rapid setting repair mortar / screed – complies with PCCS-RM: Class S
Ronagrout GP High strength flowable repair mortar – complies with PCCS-RM: Class S
Ronabond Rapid Set Tile Adhesive – complies with PCCS-TA: Class C2FT
Registered Minor Works Contractor Signatory Association - Spring Dinner 2013
Ronacrete was invited by the “Registered Minor Works Contractor Signatory Association” to participate in their spring dinner on 22nd February 2013. Ronacrete had put up a stand in the hall to introduce the range of products used for building renovation and maintenance works. Including the Director of Buildings Department, more than 300 professionals in the industry had joined the event to share their experiences on “Minor Works Control System” in Hong Kong.
Ronacerete’s Fleet of Trucks
In order to cope with the increasing demand and meet our commitment on providing prompt delivery services to our clients, Ronacrete has invested over 1 million dollars for a brand new 30 tonnes trucks mounted with crane and a brand new fork lift truck. We are now having a fleet of four different capacity trucks to fulfill different demand from our customers. The new truck is painted with stunning colours to attract the eyesight from our customers when delivering our products.
Ronacrete (Far East) Ltd appoints Peter Gregory as Commercial Director
Ronacrete (Far East) Ltd has appointed Peter D. Gregory as Commercial Director.

Peter has been working for Ronacrete in the Far East since 1998. Peter was initially employed as Quality Manager in the area of production quality control and took responsible for writing Ronacrete’s first quality control manual; as a result, he was instrumental in the company achieving its successful audit and certification to ISO 9001 and subsequently ISO 14000 for our subsidiary company in China.

Peter was appointed General Manager of Ronacrete’s operations in China during 2008 taking on the full responsibility for all day-to-day operations in China.

Peter has been instrumental in setting up and managing our operations in China taking a leading role in product research and development, production, quality control, marketing and our technical service support.

Peter has almost 15 years experience working within Ronacrete, diligently contributing to successfully expand and enhance our operations in the Far East. Peter's mind set and experience is a very welcome addition to the board of directors in Hong Kong.