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Key Staff
Key Staff

Name of Staff: Mr. Brian Clements
Title: Chairman
Major Responsibilities: Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ronacrete in Asia.
Responsible for leading the board of directors and, as the most senior representative of the organization, ensuring the needs and demands of the shareholders are met and balanced with the organisations moral and fiduciary obligations to its other stakeholders.
As a long time former MD of Ronacrete Brian retains a key leadership, motivational and mentoring role for all members of the management team. 
Brian is heavily focused on business development for Ronacrete in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia and is first point of contact for Ronacrete in the Philippines.

Name of Staff: MR. PETER GREGORY
Title: Managing Director
Major Responsibilities: Accountable to the board of directors and shareholders of the company.
Responsible for designing and developing the strategic plan for the company’s future development and direction. Responsible for the implementation of that plan in the most cost effective and efficient manner, as well as the day-to-day running of the company and developing the business plans for the long term future profitability of the company.
Providing leadership to the organisation, a motivational role for the staff and also mentoring members of the management team and chairing meetings.
Developing the corporate culture for the organisation.

Name of Staff: Mr. Lewis Lam
Title: General Manager
Major Responsibilities: Overall administration and supervision
Ensuring customer satisfaction
Assistant to Managing Director for establishing the Company’s direction and objective

Name of Staff: Mr. Alex Chan
Title: Senior Sales & Marketing Manager
Major Responsibilities: Overseeing the Sales & Marketing Department.
Specification sales to architects, developers and specifiers.

Name of Staff: Mr. Edmond Chan
Title: Senior Technical Sales Manager
Major Responsibilities: Products sales to major property developers and main contractors
Product sales to major property management companies

Name of Staff: Mr. Jon Chan
Title: Technical Sales Manager
Major Responsibilities: Products sales to government departments and public utility companies

Name of Staff: Mr. Billy Ng
Title: Technical Sales Manager
Major Responsibilities: Product sales to major refurbishment projects
Products sales to local dealers

Name of Staff: Mr. Adam Tso
Title: Sales Executive
Major Responsibilities: Assisting the Technical Sales Manger in handling the day-to-day running of new construction & refurbishment projects

Name of Staff: Mr. Caesar Wong
Title: Assistant Quality Manager
Major Responsibilities: Provide field support at site
Assist the Quality Manager for ISO auditing.

Name of Staff: Ms. Monita Luk
Title: Executive Secretary
Major Responsibilities: Secretarial support to Managing Director
General office supplies and maintenance.
General sales administration function within the office.
Co-ordination of sales team efforts in concert with General Manager and Senior Sales & Marketing Manager
Co-ordination of sales promotional materials.

Name of Staff: Ms. Jade Leung
Title: Marketing Assistant
Major Responsibilities: Assist in sales administration work.
Assist in marketing strategy formulation and execution.

Name of Staff: Ms. Vanesa Cheung
Title: Receptionist
Major Responsibilities: Greeting visitors, answering phone calls, courier and post co-ordination.
General clerical support to Sales Department.

Name of Staff: Ms. Elsa Lai
Title: Administration Assistant
Major Responsibilities: Handling day-to-day order processing.
Assist the Purchasing & Administration Manager of import and export documentation.

Name of Staff: Ms. Melin Kong
Title: Finance Manager
Major Responsibilities: Accounting

Name of Staff: Ms. Cynthia Fan
Title: Senior Accountant
Major Responsibilities: Accounting

Name of Staff: Ms. Chan Wing Sze
Title: Accounts Assistant
Major Responsibilities: Accounting

Name of Staff: Mr. Peter Gregory
Title: Quality Manager
Major Responsibilities: Implementation of the Quality Management System to ensure compliance with ISO9001 standards.

Name of Staff: Ms. Janet Chan
Title: Operations Supervisor
Major Responsibilities: Distribution Planning and Scheduling
Customer Communication
Production Control
Inventory Updating and Ordering